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Bank for the Unbanked
Based on the most advanced Blockchain - Database and Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) technologies:

A Customer Centric Bank using the power of Blockchain to Secure and Grow our Customers Assets Crypto Bank is the Listening Bank. We Never Sleep while protecting our Customers Wealth

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What Do We Do?

Crypto Bank responds to the new breed of banking, trading and insurance customers by providing bespoke crypto and fiat banking solutions, global money transfer systems & payments, a multi-trading system and insurance results for every client.

Our customers banking journey is inspired by a multitude of research to understand their needs, vision and the goal, because Crypto Bank is the Listening Bank.

We never sleep while protecting our customers wealth

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The DNA of Crypto Bank

✓ Crypto Bank is a blockchain, database and AI&ML based innovative FinTech solution - based on WEB 3.0 and enabling the banked and unbanked to transition into a crypto and fiat lifestyle with ease and simplicity
✓ Crypto Bank plans to provide a host of features for retail and private banking including trading platforms, fiat-crypto conversion, ATM services, global money transfers, payments, special trading through database and AI&ML, credit facilities and insurance with a large number of innovations that are constantly updated
✓ Crypto Bank shall implement a robust AML compliance framework to follow the highest level of regulatory and compliance obligations with improved and upgraded blockchain deposit algorithm

Why Crypto Bank?

The customer gets quick access to an innovative and easy-to-use system A complete and comfortable financial experience

Hybrid Decentralized and Centralized payment network powered by cryptocurrencies and secured by Blockchain


At Crypto Bank we conduct all our operations on a Blockchain Secured Platform. This ensures transparency and security for our customer assets

Hybrid Decentralized And Centralized Platform

The new C&DeFi world is the most powerful emerging trend in financial services as it reduces cost, minimises transaction time and allows customers to conduct transactions without interference from central and traditional banks. All according to the convenience and choice of the customer


Customers need to trust the custodians of their wealth. Crypto Bank goes the extra mile and takes an active role in generating wealth for our customers, but we do this while giving customers control of their wealth generation process. Our customers are always comfortable, knowing their assets are being protected every minute of every hour of every day

Vision and Mission

Crypto Bank plans to provide banking solutions to the unbanked public

Our mission is to provide the traditional banking operations to the unbanked, bring a crypto, fiat , insurance, and all the financial economy systems to the general public, and make use of the unused crypto assets for our daily economic activities

Crypto Bank plans to provide banking solutions to the unbanked public.

At Crypto Bank, we are creating a blockchain based web and mobile platforms:

–          To provide high transaction throughput, low latency to scale to billions of account transactions

–          To comply to the highest level of statutory and regulatory requirements

–          To be efficient, with a high-capacity storage system

–          To be flexible and to manage and integrate future innovations in financial services

–          To be secure and to ensure safety of funds and financial data

–          Make sure the process is easy and the user interface is convenient and easy to use

–          To foster innovation and competition in our activities

What is Crypto Bank Blockchain?

Crypto Bank plans to provide banking solutions to the unbanked public.

Crypto Bank will create its own blockchain environment – CBB for giving high performance banking operations. It shall have cross chain compatibility. We shall work with Proof of Stakes Authority algorithm. With the cross-chain compatibility, users will be able to transfer assets from other blockchains to Crypto Bank’s blockchain resulting in rapid interoperability and an exposure to a vast ecosystem.

We plan to issue Crypto Bank tokens on our blockchain. It shall be designed from experience with proven concepts and best practices and shall represent fundamental advancements in blockchain technology.

We incorporate a holistic blueprint for a globally scalable blockchain for Crypto Bank operations in which decentralized and centralized applications can be easily deployed and governed.

Features and Products

  • Digital wallet banking: payments and global money transfer system: crypto & fiat
  • Crypto Bank card issuance
  • Hybrid crypto exchange and NFT marketplace
  • Trading and investments platform for all types of trading: 150,000+ financial products for Commodities, Metals, Stocks & ETFs, CFDs, Forex, Funds, Bonds, Futures, Options, Crypto ETFs and more
  • A smart tool for account management & automatic or manual tax reporting – tracking activity history, analyzing activities and displaying metrics to improve performance and control. A super important tool for order, organising, monitoring, management and control of the account
  • Insurance platform: crypto, commodities, fiat, life and health insurances
  • Automatic trading through database and AI&ML
  • Crypto & fiat: smart ATMs, 5G
  • Stable coin: based on technology and backed by real estate, digital assets, digital real estate, money and natural resources for strong stability
  • Online payments terminal
  • Retail and private banking solutions
  • Bank branches
  • Multi – Launchpad
  • Crypto Bank blockchain
  • Staking – 24% APY or more
  • Conversion: crypto-fiat, fiat-crypto, fiat-fiat, crypto-crypto, commodities-crypto, crypto-commodities, fiat-commodities, commodities-fiat
  • Web3.0 wallet and integration with distributed protocols
  • Crypto and fiat custodial services
  • Crypto loan services
  • Crypto Bank Academy
  • Crypto Bank donations and investments
  • Crypto Bank Angels Charity Platform – charity and volunteering programs

And more and more features and systems with online innovation based on feedback we receive from Crypto Bank customers

Token Allocation

Use of Funds

Token Details

Token Ticker CBT
Max Supply 770,000,000,000 CBT
Tokens in the Circulation 21,275,100,000 CBT
Token Type BEP20
Role of Token UTILITY
Decimals 18
Contract Address 0xd7314a3b4c80e95125c56a3e7eb2d9f87e9e35b6
Commencement of CBT Trading on Exchanges 07/01/2022
Soft Cap $4,700,000
Uplifted Cap $7,643,415
Middle Cap $15,732,886
Middle Uplifted Cap $30,903,884
Over Middle Cap $61,807,769
Over Middle Cap V2 $107,882,652
Hard Cap $154,013,723
Platform Planned to be Listed on all Major Exchanges


AirDrop & Bounty
100% on listing
65% Locked for 1 Year
35% on listing. After 1 year get 5% a month.
90% Locked for 3 years
1.237% on listing. 6% Locked for 6 months . From month 7: 1% a month


This timeline details our funding and
development goals.

Crypto Bank Roadmap

August 16

Phase 1

  • Idea generation
  • Research on Regulatory Conditions
  • Establishing a team of thought
  • leaders and strategy setters
  • White Paper Development
August 16

Phase 2

  • Registration of the company – Getting EIN number, Opening a bank account – USA
  • ITO –Family and Friends
  • Participation in a networking event at the world’s top – Dubai (UAE)
  • Starting to develop MVP – Hybrid Trading Platform
August 16

Phase 3

  • Token Trading – BitForex Exchange and PancakeSwap
  • Initiate Business Operations
  • MVP- Hybrid Trading Platform- Ready
    • Strategic Round
    • Team growth
    • Starting an operation in the MENA
    • Apply for Licenses
    • Digital Wallet – Banking – Payments and Global Money Transfer System – Crypto & Fiat
    • Crypto Bank Card Issuance
    • Hybrid Crypto Exchange and NFT Marketplace Develop professional trading and investments platform for all types of trading – 50,000+ financial products – Initial Version
    • Crypto & Fiat – Smart ATMs – 5G
    • Audit to the systems and to smart contracts 1.0


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Crypto Bank Team

Let us introduce you to the team that
will make it all happen.

Neor Basteker

Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer

Robert Salmon

Co–Chief Executive Officer

Julio Verissimo

Chief Operating Officer


Chief Partnership & Sales Officer

Jorge Sebastião

Chief Security Officer & Growth Hacking

Raj Kapoor

Head Of Innovation

Ankur Shah

IT & Blockchain Manager

Bright Offiong

Social Media Manager & Ambassador

Francisco J. Ferrão

Chief Staff Members Officer & Co-Chief Financial Officer

Abhinav Soomaney CFI, MBA, MCOM, BMS

Co- Chief Financial Officer

Krishnendu Chatterjee Ph. D

Head Of Partnership & BD

Matt Tatarinow

Investor Relations & Ambassador

Sudindra V R

Project Manger

Niv Ohayon

Executive Assistant to CEO

Emmanuel Egbala

Customer & Media Service

Joshua Osemobo James

Designer & Community Manager

Balvir Padda Singh

Chief Digital Officer

Jay Koh 许晋瑜

ITO Marketing Manager

Vincent Rey Vicente

Chief Strategy Officer

Damilare Bankole

Social Media & Community Operator

Bharat Kumar

UX/UI Designer & Blockchain and Web Systems Developer

Danny Jin

Full Stack developer

Joshua Idunnu Paul

Website Engineering

Salman Sabir

SEO and Technical Support Manager


Let us introduce you to the consultants that
will make it all happen.

Walter Chan

Financial and Business Advisor

Bryan Woods

Technology & Cyber Advisor

Aaron Tsai 蔡逸群

Senior Strategy Advisor

Hamza Khan

Strategy Advisor

Lalit Bansal

Chief Marketing & System Advisor

Zied Chaabane

MENA Relation Assistant

Chevanev Charles

Legal & Taxes Advisor

Tunde Atoyebi

Digital Marketing

Rishabh Bhatt

Partnership & Innovation Advisor

Nikhil Karande

Chief Partnership & Marketing Advisor

Board of Director

Let us introduce you to the director that
will make it all happen.

Ralph M. Dahm

Investment Portfolio Manager & Board Member